How it started:

History of Karunalaya originated from the identification of need to work for the protection of street children in North Chennai by his founder Dr. N. Paul Sunder Singh who originally wanted to become a Police Officer but medically ineligible to join the service, later realized that it was God’s will that our mission for the marginalized children and women was the calling. Start of his career for street children commenced during his postgraduate study of Criminology while he got associated with Don Bosco Project for street children in Chennai since he was a youth leader in Don Bosco Youth Centre, Broadway.

Following is the Evolution of Karunalaya since 1995:


  • Motivated by Fr. Arul Anand, founded Karunalaya Social Service Society
  • 15th August , First centre was started at Pallavan Nagar Pallam
  • September started Anna Nagar education centre
  • Found Swallows Building
  • Fr. Gerard, blessed and came for the Christmas Celebration.


  • January 26, Rev. Fr. Sean Mc Ferran, Inaugurated our Day Care Centre at  Swallows.
  • Started the Powerkuppam Centre as requested by the field work students of  Stella Maris College.
  • Conducted a survey on the prevalence of child labour in the fishing industry in Kasimedu fishing harbour.


  • Caritas Netherlands started supporting for the elimination of child labour in the fishing industry for 3 years.


  • Started receiving Grant in aid for Night Shelter to Street Children


  • Andheri Hilfe Bonn started funding support for the rehabilitation of street children programme for 3 years.


  • Met Fr. Harrie Kanters in Amsterdam
  • Report on child labour in boot legging appeared in front page Hindu


  • Caritas Renewed project for 2 years
  • Stichting Amaidhi started its first support
  • Andheri supported to purchase the land at Tondiarpet


  • Made the registration of the land document
  • June started the STD, HIV/AIDS project for street children
  • Started Therumuzhakam (Quarterly magazine of Karunalaya)


  • June started the construction, Fr. Gerard blessed the foundation.


  • Inauguration of the building on April 21st.
  • 8.30 = 9.00 am Tsunami struck the Indian coast.
  • Cordaid immediately responded with support asked for budget.
  • Sent our first ever huge budget for 1 crore for relief support which was approved immediately.
  • Continued food relief until 31st / 1st January 2005 to the affected people


  • Support for relief from Amaidhi, Stichting Karunalaya and many other organizations received
  • President of Andheri Hilfe Bonn, Ms. Elvira Griener visited Karunalaya and stayed overnight to visit the affected communities.


  • Support of Stichting Amaidhi and Wilde Ganzen for distribution of flood relief materials for  the tsunami affected people
  • Blessing and unveiling of the portrait of Rev.Fr. Harrie Canters


  • Permanent houses were allotted for the neglected people affected by Tsunami  with the intervention of Karunalaya
  • Constructed Children’s Education Centre at Singaravelar Nagar, Kasimedu, North Chennai with the support of Stichting Amaidhi and Wilde Ganzen, Netherlands
  • Distribution of thatches and bamboos to fire victims of Thiruchinankuppam.


  • Opening of Second Floor and Release of the book “The Struggle of the Survivors”
  • Cultural Exchange with Srilankan group


  • Opening of Third Floor (Amaidhi Hall)


  • November – Launch of Cultural Yatra for prevention of child labour
  • Release of Karunalaya Anthem


  • Opening of the wall of peace






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