Karunalaya Projects

Since 1995 Karunalaya has been involved in different activities, our key projects being: Protection of Street Children, Child Labour Prevention and Intervention in North Chennai, Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect, Empowerment of Pavement Dwelling Community, Empowerment of Women and Tamil Nadu Aids Control Society (Tansacs).

Protection of Street Children

The problem of Street Children in Chennai city was identified as a growing problem in 1996 in a city-wide survey conducted by the Madras NGO Forum for Street Children through the financial assistance of UNICEF, Chennai. Karunalaya was an active partner in this exercise. The study highlighted the fact that there was an estimated 75000 street children are in Chennai city at the time. [more...]

Child Labour Prevention and Intervention

Karunalaya took a daring step to enter into this area and work to bring a social transformation particularly among the illiterate and hard fishermen, despite troubles and hardships. Since 1995 Karunalaya is the only organization providing shelter home to runaway street children in the coastal North Chennai (a new shelter home is being constructed in the coastal north Chennai for the short stay of street children) and voicing for the rights of the fishing children in North Chennai. [more...]

Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect

Karunalaya has partnered with a Bangalore-based organization APSA (Association for Promoting Social Action). It has been associated with SHIP (Sexual Health Intervention Project) a project of APSA which uses a comprehensive approach to build knowledge and to empower children in making their own decisions about sexual health. [more...]

Empowerment of Pavement Dwelling Community

Pavement dwelling families are one of the most marginalized communities in the City of Chennai, without being recognized as official settlements and their right to housing denied for many decades. Karunalaya works to protect the children in these families by providing opportunities to join schooling and continue education by offering supplementary evening classes near to their dwellings. [more...]

Empowerment of Women

Empowerment is a political wheel which improves the all aspects of women’s lives. It also creating awareness, finding solution for their day to day problems like all forms of gender discrimination, physical and sexual harassment and abuse and work load etc. [more...]

Tamil Nadu Aids Control Society (Tansacs)

KARUNALAYA in association with the Tamil Nadu State Aids Control Society(TANSACS) works to achieve a State where no new individual would acquire the HIV infection, and every person living with HIV/AIDS has access to quality care and lives with dignity. [more...]

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