Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect

Sexual Health Intervention among Street and Slum Children

Karunalaya has partnered with a Bangalorebased organization APSA (Association for Promoting Social Action). It has been associated with SHIP (Sexual Health Intervention Project) a project of APSA which uses a comprehensive approach to build knowledge and to empower children in making their own decisions about sexual health. This in turn helps to build a much needed sense of personal control over their lives and their actions.

Children especially from the slums/ streets do not have enough knowledge about their growth. The parents fail to educate the children as they themselves were not aware at their age specifically parents of the slum/ street areas.

Adolescents have doubts and are confused about their development for which there is none to help them. Children want to experiment which needs to involvement in risk behavior and get infected in HIV AIDS. This should be prevented.

The NGO’s, social activists, social workers are responsible to help the children and make them good citizens in all aspects. Through this effort children will be provided a good space to clarify their doubts and bring positive behavior.

Types of abuse that the children face

Children are vulnerable to various types of abuse in their day-to-day life. The children are affected mentally and physically as a consequence of abuse. The lack of awareness among the children is one of the reasons for becoming victims of abuse. Generally the children are abused in four forms; child sexual abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse and neglect.

Physical abuse

Physical abuse is the excessive use of force on children such as hitting, biting, kicking or trying to drown or suffocate a child. It also includes giving them alcohol or drugs. This form of abuse could result in bruises, burns, fractures, brain injuries or even death.

Emotional abuse

Children need loads of love and praise. If they do not get their fair share of love and affection and are instead subjected to threats, criticism or sarcastic remarks, they are being emotionally abused. As a result, the child loses self-esteem and becomes fearful and withdrawn. Such abuse also reflects in his relationships in adult life. He could be verbally abusive towards his partner and children.


This type of abuse arises when basic human needs of food, shelter and clothing are not met. Children are left on their own and there are no adults in their lives to guide or protect them. Such neglected children grow up either very withdrawn or very aggressive and with little or no moral values.

Sexual abuse

This is the most horrifying form of child abuse. An adult or sometimes an older child uses a child for sexual gratification. It could mean anything from showing a child pornographic videos or magazines to forcing a child to carry out sexual acts. This has a disastrous effect on their lives, and affects adult personal relationships. Quite often, such children themselves become abusers when they grow up.